November 2015 Favorites

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

          November was such a crazy, fun, and busy month!  Between family gatherings, Thanksgiving, and the start of Christmas shopping, I managed to squeeze in a little shopping for myself.  These are a few items I treated myself to last month.  

          I had been waiting, for what seemed like forever, for Adele's latest album.  As soon as it hit iTunes, I was temped to purchase it, but I waited patiently to buy the CD because the Target edition has three bonus tracks that were definitely worth the wait.  The album cover is stunning and the booklet gives you a glimpse of Adele recording in the studio.  "25" is her best one yet!  

        I spotted these gorgeous statement earrings while Christmas shopping for my family.  It was the last pair in the store and it was on sale, so I couldn't leave it behind.  I cannot wait to wear them all though the holiday season!

         Finally, I treated myself to this Kate Spade champagne bottle wristlet.  This month I turned 21, so I thought it was  an appropriate gift to treat myself to for this milestone birthday.  It doesn't hold much inside, but it is hella cute!  Hope you all enjoyed this post!  May the month of December bring you lots of love and cheer!


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