January 2016 Favorites

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

January 2016 Favorites @ Elizabeth, Marie, and Me

          Apparently, I have been really loving all things gold in the month of January.  Last month I found some great pieces while shopping and rediscovered "lost gems" in my collection.  Let's check it out!

January 2016 Favorites @ Elizabeth, Marie, and Me

          First off, I have been obsessed with these earrings.  I was not a fan of chain tassels on earrings until I picked up these beauties at Banana Republic.  They have such a sophisticated vintage feel to them that makes them so captivating.  I have never seen earrings like this pair before, so you know I had to add them to my jewelry box.   

January 2016 Favorites @ Elizabeth, Marie, and Me

         My next favorite is this multi-chain belt.  Yes, it looks like a necklace, but trust me, it's a belt.  Of course, I could wear it as a necklace if I really wanted to.  I found this belt while cleaning out my closet.  I puchased it a while back from Sears for the price of . . . wait for it . . . $1.99.  I know, such a steal!  I feel like the chain belts are coming back into fashion, which makes me very happy.  As a child I loved accesorizing my flared jeans with layers of chain belts; I wore them quite a bit.  Can't wait to show you how I styled this particular one in a future blog post.  Keep your eyes peeled for this beauty!  It's too gorgeous not to feature on my blog.  

January 2016 Favorites @ Elizabeth, Marie, and Me

         My third favorite of the month is, yes, you guessed it- another pair of earrings!  I purchased these from Macy's and I have been wearing them pretty often.  They seem to go with a lot of casual oufits in my closet, but my favorite way to rock these earrings is with just a white t-shirt and jeans.  

January 2016 Favorites @ Elizabeth, Marie, and Me

          This favorite is neither a jewelry item nor an accessory; it's a Ralph Lauren business card holder.  I finally designed a new business card to match my new blog theme.  It's chic and sleek- mostly black and white, but with a pop of color.  I'll be revealing the design soon on Instagam.  Stay tuned!

January 2016 Favorites @ Elizabeth, Marie, and Me

         Lastly, I "rediscovered" these Robert Rose earrings.  I love that they are shaped like swords because they remind me of a night in shining armor- very Sleeping Beauty.  I featured them once before in my July Favorites post, but I couldn't help myself from posting it again.  These earrings are one of my favorites!   
        Thank you for checking out my January favorites post!  Sending you lots of love from my heart to yours!

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