June 2017 Favorites

Monday, July 03, 2017

         June was a month of reflection and a new beginning for me.  In a way, it was a wonderful checkpoint since half the year has gone by.  Last month I really tried to focus on what made me happy and I think this decision can be seen in the items I chose to share with you.  Without further ado, let's dive into my favorites!

         The first item I purchased this month was this pair of glittery cat eye sunnies by Miu Miu.  To be honest, I don't invest in sunglasses.  I swear by my everyday black Ray Ban sunnies and rotate a few other pairs once in a while.  Usually, they are very classic and plain, but I wanted to try a different style, so these sunnies hit it right on the nose for me.  Although they don't match all of my outfits, they put a smile on my face whenever I wear them and that's all that counts.  They were worth every single penny!

         Last month I pulled these Topshop velvet beauties out of their box for the first time since I purchased them last fall.  I made it a point to style them in an outfit and break them in.  They are absolutely gorgeous and they give my legs an elegant long-line silhouette, so I couldn't ask for a better pair of fabulous heels for those days where I just feel like dressing up for no reason.  

         I may or may not have already featured this waterproof brow definer by Chantecaille in a previous favorites post, but what can I say, I just love it!  Almost everyone who wears makeup on a daily basis has a step in their routine that they dread doing.  For me, that step is my brows.  When I apply my makeup, I spend the most time filling in my eyebrows, but this tool speeds up the process and it's super easy to use.  Thank you, Chantecaille!  Now I spend less time on my brows and more time on selecting what I am going to wear that day.  

          I saved the best for last!  Well, I adore all of the items, but if you know me, you know I LOVE fashion books.  On a whim, I scrolled through photos on Instagram and I discovered the divine jewelry of Lydia Courteille.  Her designs are stunning and they all have such a uniqueness to them- truly one-of-a-kind pieces!  I obsessed over her Insta page, so I decided to purchase her book that showcased her inspirations and collections, and the rest is history!
          Thank you so much for stopping by Elizabeth, Marie, and Me, and for checking out what I loved in the month of June.  New content is coming soon, so stay tuned!  Also, let me know in the comments below what items you loved last month.  I would love to know!  Until my next post, I am sending you lots of love from my heart to yours! 

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