Vintage Romance

Friday, September 07, 2018

         My romance with vintage pieces all started when my mother gifted me with her collection of fashion jewelry that she purchased in the 80s right before I started this style blog.  Although I haven't featured all of her fashion jewelry in outfit posts, I've worn quite a few countless times here on Elizabeth, Marie, and Me, especially the gold bangle.  What I love about vintage is that whatever the item may be, it usually has a certain charm about it.  More importantly, it's often a unique and a one-of-a-kind treasure.   I wouldn't consider myself to be a professional thrifter, but I love thrifting.  The grandma prints, the bold prints, the animal prints, the shoulder pads, I love them all.  

         My adoration for vintage jewelry has now led me to my affection for vintage clothing, as well.  I am wearing two vintage pieces in this outfit post.  Can you guess what they are?  I'll give you a hint: You can see it very clearly in the photo above.  If you guessed the gold earrings, you are correct, my friend!  I purchased these vintage Christian Dior clip on baubles at the Goodwill Goes Glam event this past July, and they are every bit of fabulous!  I wore them in my previous outfit post, Sunny and Summery, but I wanted to find an excuse to debut them again.      

         Now, I did mention that this outfit contains two vintage pieces, so can you guess what the second is?  No scrolling to the bottom for the outfit details.  That's cheating!  Okay, okay, I'll tell you.  It's this gorgeous vintage Banana Republic long blazer/duster coat.  I'm not sure what decade it's from, but I couldn't find the original listing in any google searches besides those on eBay.  I guess it's safe to call it a "vintage piece," right?  
       The embroidered rose pattern and the bubblegum pink color are the elements that caught my attention while sorting through the racks.  Without looking at the brand or the tag, I immediately popped it into my cart to try on.  I'm not sure if you can tell, but this duster coat is a size large.  Yes, I usually wear a size XS or S, but I rolled up the sleeves and worked those shoulder pads.  Fashion tip of the day: Never rule out clothing based on sizes.  Try everything on and keep an open mind, especially when thrifting.       

        For the rest of the outfit, I opted for a simple white tank top and distressed jeans.  To pull the whole rose ensemble together, I glamourized with a gold-toned bracelet and ring, my EMME necklace, butterfly sunglasses, and I carried a petite pale pink purse (I got tongue-twisted just reading that back, so try saying that ten times!).

           As for shoes, I wore my white Who What Wear mules to tie in the white tank top with the rest of the look.  I gotta hand it to Target because these slip-in heels are incredibly comfortable and they seem to match a lot of the clothes in my wardrobe.  If a shoe is comfy and chic, you know I'm gonna blog about it!

          And that completes the story of my vintage romance.  The End.  Just kidding!  Before I sign off, I want to ask you all about your take on vintage shopping.  Do you love it or hate it?  If you're like me and love thrifting, let me know in the comments below where you like to shop.  As always, I am sending you lots of love from my heart to yours!  May your day be bright and beautiful!

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Duster Coat: Vintage Banana Republic (Similar Here)
Tank Top: Topshop (Similar Here)
Jeans: Topshop (Similar Here)
Heels: Who What Wear (Similar Here)
Purse: Forever 21 (Similar Here)
Sunglasses: Miu Miu (Similar Here)
Earrings: Vintage Christian Dior (Similar Here)
Necklace: 0Necklace (Similar Here)
Bracelet: BCBGeneration (Similar Here)
Ring: Charter Club (Similar Here)




"One of the things that attracts me to vintage and antique things is they have stories, and even if I don't know the stories, I make them up." -Mary Kay Andrews
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