Closet Raid: Grandma's Closet

Friday, August 22, 2014

          Happy Friday!  Since many of you seemed to like my Raid Mom's Closet post, I decided to challenge myself once again and raid my grandmother's closet.  My grandma loves to wear bright colors, so when I looked in her closet I found nothing but red, pink, and turquoise blouses and dresses with a few black and ivory pieces.  For this post, I chose to style three clothing items as well as two of her accessories.  Let's get started!

Closet Raid: Grandma's Closet @ Elizabeth, Marie, and Me

              For my first look, I borrowed a black cardigan (since I love wearing black) and a chain belt.  I layered the cardigan over a simple white crop top and black shorts.  Since the cardigan was too large for me, I rolled up the sleeves, which gave the outfit a more casual look.  *(Fashion Tip: Rolling up the sleeves is an easy way to make any over-sized clothing item appear more tailored on your body.)  To pull the outfit together, I draped a silver-toned necklace and a turquoise bracelet in order to match her sterling sliver belt.  My grandma said that her mother purchased this belt for her when she was in her early twenties and, amazingly, it's still in mint condition.  I absolutely love the details on it and its vintage appearance.

Closet Raid: Grandma's Closet @ Elizabeth, Marie, and Me
         For my second outfit, I borrowed my grandma's blue sweater.  To me, this style of sweater looks fabulous on all ages and it's easy to style because it looks nice with jeans, skirts, shorts, etc.  Since it is still hot outside, I decided to scrunch up the sleeves and pair it with white shorts.  To add a bit of sparkle, I wore a gold chain necklace and a gold bracelet to match the gold buttons on the sweater.

Closet Raid: Grandma's Closet @ Elizabeth, Marie, and Me

              For my last look, I borrowed a pink button-down blouse and a pink crystal necklace.  I layered the blouse over a white bralette and paired it with distressed high-waisted shorts for a fun summertime outfit.  In order to give the blouse a youthful look, I rolled up the sleeves and tied it in a knot in the front.  *(Fashion Tip: Tying a shirt or blouse in a knot helps to define your waist and it gives any outfit a more causal look.)  For jewelry, I am wearing her gorgeous pink crystal necklace that she bought years ago from Macy's and silver-toned bangles.  
           I honestly had a lot of fun sitting with my grandma as we looked through her closet and vintage jewelry pieces because each piece had a priceless memory or story to go with it.  Life can be hectic and busy with work, appointments, and obligations, but it is important to make time for those we love.  If you have a chance, sit and talk with your grandparents or elders because they hold in their hands wise life lessons and precious "Back in my day" stories that should not go unheard.  Sending you lots of love from my heart to yours!  
"The greatest legacy one can pass on to one's children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one's life, but rather a legacy of character and faith." -Billy Graham

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