June 2016 Favorites

Friday, July 01, 2016

         For this month’s favorites, I wanted to spice things up a bit.  Today I wanted to share with you my favorite summer denim pieces.  Denim is such a versatile fabric that can be worn all year round.  I don’t know about you, but I tend to dress more casually during the warmer seasons, so most of my summer outfits usually consist of a denim bottom, a colorful flowy top, and heeled sandals.  I absolutely love wearing everything from denim shorts to overalls to denim jackets.  Let’s dive right in!

        First off are these distressed denim shorts.  I wear shorts a lot during the summer because it is so hot and humid in Hawai‘i.  I love these shorts by Tinseltown because they are lightweight and so comfortable.  To me, nothing is worse on a scorching day than a thick jean shorts.  This pair is so breathable and incredibly versatile.  I’ll slide these shorts on, slip on a thin cotton top, and I’m out the door. 

        It’s interesting to see how the denim skirt evolved over the years.  I remember when long jean skirts were the "in" thing to wear.  Recently, the 90’s are making a comeback with the button-front style, like this one.  I love wearing this denim piece with a floral crop top and a cognac colored lace-up heel.  You can check out my post, Escaping the Heat, to see how I styled a similar button-front skirt.  

         There are so many cute jean skirts out on the market right now like this one from Free People.  I love the side lace-up side details and how the skirt is split into three panels because it gives the skirt such a fun twist.  Pair this with a boho-chic blouse and you’ll be ready for some summer fun! 

          My next summer denim favorite is another one of my go-to pieces.  Since I live in tropical weather, I love sporting cropped pants all year round, especially during spring and summer.  My favorite pair of cropped jeans are by JOE’s Jeans- I wore them in my outfit post, In Bloom.  I always cuff them up on the bottom and pair them with a wedged sandal for an effortless casual-chic look.  As a petite fashionista, I find that these don't make me look short.  Call me crazy but maybe the shortened length gives the illusion that my legs are longer than they are, but whatever the reason, these cropped jeans are another of my summer denim favorites. 

         Sometimes jeans can be a bit too hot to wear during the summer months, but I still had to include this striped pair.  The blue and white stripes create such a fun print to sport with a white top, especially around 4th of July.  You can check out how I paired this patriotic beauty in my blog post Statement Stripes.

          Lastly, no summer wardrobe is complete without a good denim jacket.  I put a unique spin on this Rachel by Rachel Roy jacket by adding pins and patches.  I think they add pops of color and so much character.  It’s such a fun and easy way to show a bit of your personality while making a quirky fashion statement!  A denim jacket is a must!
          Hope you all enjoyed my June favorites!  Let me know what your favorite summer denim pieces are in the comments below- I am so interested in hearing what they are!  Also, if you give your denim jacket a make-over, I would love to see what it looks like!  You can tag me in the photo or DM me on Insta!  I’ll see you all in my next post!  Till then, I am sending you all lots of love from my heart to yours! 
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