March 2017 Favorites

Friday, March 31, 2017

        I don't know about you, but March was an incredibly busy month for me.  Between finishing my Parsons x Teen Vogue Certificate program, working on new projects, and trying to create new content for Elizabeth, Marie, and Me, I didn't have a whole lot of time to fit shopping into my schedule.  However, I did manage to pick up a few things from the mall and I did a little online shopping.  Here's what I've been loving in the month of March!   

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        First up are these long rhinestone earrings from Zara!  I just adore the long length and how they flow onto my shoulders whenever I wear them.  If you have been keeping up with my blog or if you follow me on social media, you might recognize these statement earrings from my recent outfit post, Tulle Flares.  Love them, love them, love them!  They instantly add a touch of elegance to any outfit, and who wouldn't want a bit of sparkle?  

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        My next favorite may come as a shock to some of you.  Yes, I have officially added a pair of red boots to my shoe collection.  It's not a typical purchase for me since I tend to play it safe with my footwear choices by sticking to black, brown, or white heels, but I knew I had to have them the moment I saw them.  I purchased them during Zara's latest sale and they have been incredibly fun and comfortable to wear.  And who knows?  They may be featured in an upcoming outfit post.  Hint, hint! 

          Of course, my monthly favorites wouldn't be complete without a book.  For my Parsons x Teen Vogue Certificate Program, I was instructed to purchase this book as a required reading material and it was a great supplement.  It's filled with interviews with designers, editors, stylists, photographers, and more.   The Teen Vogue Handbook is such a wonderful read for anyone who is interested in fashion!

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       Saving the best for last, I've been obsessed with Baublebar earrings, especially the Crispin Drop baubles.  I already own a pair of these in cobalt blue, canary, gold, and light pink, and now I have them in bright red.  Baublebar offers so many different colors, which makes it even harder to chose.  These earrings and my red boots would make the perfect match for a killer outfit!
         Well, that's all my favorites for the month of March!  Let me know what you loved this month in the comments below. Also, stay on the lookout for a new outfit post!  As always, I am sending you lots of love from my heart to yours!

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