Retail Marketing: Zara (Parsons x Teen Vogue)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

         Since I shared my Woman Warrior outfit post here on Elizabeth, Marie, and Me, many of you liked the white puff sleeve blouse I chose to layer under the tiered tank top.  Some of you were surprised to find that I purchased it from Zara.  I must say, lately, Zara has been knocking it out of the park!  Every time I enter that store, I am guilty of purchasing more than I thought I would.  Intrigued with this idea, I chose to analyze Zara's store layout for one of my Parsons x Teen Vogue assignments.   
        This particular Zara's layout is a loop/racetrack layout with racks of clothing all along the walls.  In the inner circle, they chose to display styled mannequins with additional racks of clothes, and accessories and jewelry towards the middle of the store.  With this layout, shoppers will easily find themselves shopping from one section to another, almost in a spiral effect.  Also, I noticed Zara keeps the color scheme of their display tables and racks very minimalistic, sticking to gray, black, and white.  This exudes a clean and sophisticated vibe, which allows the merchandise to stand out.  
        Like most stores, Zara has what I like to call, "eye candy bait," at both of the entrances.  I consider "eye candy bait" as a selected group of styled mannequins featuring their newest and most alluring pieces.  And, yes, I fall for it every time because even if I just shopped there a few days before, I feel as if I have to go in and view their new items.  In addition to their fashionable mannequin displays, the variety of styles Zara offers plays as an advantage for the store.  Although similar items or styles tend to be grouped together, I find that it is easy to locate what type of items you are interested in while the loop layout introduces you to other products you may not have looked at otherwise.  
      Last, but not least, I noticed Zara has their sale racks located in the back of the store very close to the registers, which is pretty genius, right?  It's sort of like Sephora's little travel sized items tempting you as you make your way to the cashiers to pay.  As you're in line, you are completely satisfied with what you are about to purchase and then you see the sale section.  There is at least a 50/50 chance you will step out of line just to see if you can snag an awesome piece for half the original price.  And even if you try to convince yourself that you really don't need to spend any more of your paycheck on new clothes and accessories, you think to yourself, "Well, nothing haunts you like the items you never bought," so you find yourself over at the sales rack with a new handful of "treasures" to purchase.  Like most stores, this strategy is implemented because if they were to place the sale items in the front, you would be less apt to check out their full priced items.  The intrigue of their new items will lure you into the store, but most likely you will have browsed or glanced through most of the store before hitting the sale racks.  Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you!  (My hand is raised-shamelessly.)  What can I say?  I am a savvy fashionista.
      Hope you all enjoyed this post!  I know, it's a bit different from my other posts, but stay on the lookout for new outfits heading your way!  Until then, I am sending you lots of love from my heart to yours!

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