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Friday, April 05, 2019

          For some reason, in March I was into gold necklaces with a vintage vibe and safari-inspired accessories.  In the last three weeks, I collected a handful of new jewelry pieces, a jeweled jungle clutch, and a couple of new beauty products that I wanted to share with all of you. 

         This Natasha Accessories crystal embellished clutch may have been camouflaged among the greenery in the photos above, but this purse is definitely a stand-out piece!  The intricacy of the design is amazing and the animals are adorable.  This piece adds such a fun twist to a simple black dress or a casual chic pant ensemble!

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          When it comes to makeup, I like to stick to the same routine and the same products.  However, I reluctantly decided to switch up my concealer because my go-to concealer recently had been discontinued.  I ventured to Sephora and swatched many different brands of concealers and I finally landed on the Milk Flex Concealer in light medium.  I first heard of the brand when a makeup artist used a handful of Milk products on my face at the first Vogue Forces of Fashion Conference.  I love the consistency of the formula and it blends seamlessly.  It just may be the best concealer I've ever used!  
          The other makeup product I've been loving is the Chantecaille Lip Keep Pencil.  It's a clear lip pencil that keeps your lip liner or lipstick from bleeding.  You trace it on as you would a normal lip liner before you apply any pigmented products.  It works like a dream, especially when I rock a deep burgundy or red lip.     

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        Leading the list of the new jewelry pieces I added to my collection are these two gold necklaces from Revolve.  As someone who loves symbolism, I enjoy wearing gold-tone pendants that have a special meaning to me.  Now, the shark necklace may seem a bit random, but, funny enough, one of my nicknames is "Shark Girl."  Like a shark, I've been a professional eye roller since birth, so my father decided to bestow this name upon me.  Not one of my favorite nicknames, but I think it's a fitting necklace and I love the design of it!  As for the compass necklace, I've been on the hunt for a gold-plated one for a long time, and I finally found it!  To me, compasses remind me to keep searching for my true north when it comes to my creativity and life's purpose. 

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          My next favorite is a statement necklace that makes my soul roar!  I was lucky to find this St. Thomas lion piece at T.J. Maxx for only $19.99.  As always, I linked it below if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself!  I'm usually not a fan of cord necklaces, but my heart made an exception for this one.  I love that the design has both shiny and matte gold-tone metals.  I can see myself wearing this necklace with a basic white v-neck bodysuit with jeans and a pair of tan sandals.  Spring/Summer safari chic, here I come!

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         Getting back to vintage-inspired gold necklaces, this Mia Fiore gold coin necklace (which is also from T.J. Maxx) caught my eye. I know it's not a real coin, but I love that it looks pretty authentic.  If you are interested in buying one for yourself, check your local T.J. Maxx stores because they may still have this exact necklace in stock.  If not, I've linked a handful of similar ones below!

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         Bringing up the rear is this beautiful citrine-colored teardrop ring from Charter Club.  You may have noticed that I wore this one in my latest outfit post, The Beauty in Moody Floral.  Truth is, I often wear Charter Club rings here on the blog because they don't tarnish or rust.  Also, if you have small fingers like me, they sell an array of rings in our size.  Yay for size inclusive brands!

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         Okay, so that's all the jewelry and makeup products I coveted last month.  I hope you enjoyed reading this post!  Let me know in the comments below what you loved in the month of March! 

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  1. These golden accessories are as charming as you are. Very lovely! Then too, your beauty is golden in its own right. Perhaps even platinum. Nice post!

    1. You are the sweetest, John! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!



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