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Monday, April 16, 2018

           As I scanned through the photos from this photo shoot, I wondered whether I should re-style this cute tee and re-shoot the look.  Besides the earrings, this outfit looked plain to me; nothing exciting and certainly nothing special.  I proceeded to scroll through my Instagram to see how the photos will look with the rest of my feed, and I realized that most of the outfits I share are not accurate perceptions of what I wear on an everyday basis.  Which . . . got me wondering, "What do other fashion bloggers wear on regular days?"  When I say, "regular days," I mean those days where they're just running errands and not doing photo shoots and dressed fabulously from head to toe.  Does that ever cross your mind or am I the only one pondering this question?    

          Instagram accounts often paint pristine images of lives far more fabulous than they really are.  I recently took a look at my own Instagram page, and I realized that I, too, am guilty of that.  I rarely style simple outfits of just jeans and a tee, so I decided to share this look on Elizabeth, Marie, and Me because I thought it's an accurate take on what I wear on an everyday basis- minus the pointed pumps, of course.  When I'm grocery shopping, going to the bank, and going about other errands, I'm not glamorous at all.  Well, sometimes I like to dress up for no reason at all, but 85% of the time I don't because it's just not practical.     

        So, for this causal everyday ensemble, I am sporting this cute "Love" t-shirt, which Shein was so kind to send me, and a pair of jeans.  But . . . these jeans are super awesome because they have red piping on the pockets and zippered sides.  It's those sort of little details that grab my attention and convince me to invest in another pair of jeans.     

          Like I said before, these pointed heels certainly don't come with me grocery shopping.  I'll usually wear my heeled wedges on those days, but for the sake of this photo shoot, how chic do they look with the subtle red details of these jeans?  

          And just because you're dressing super casual, that doesn't mean your accessories have to be drab!  To complete this ensemble, I wore a sparkly pair of rhinestone chandelier earrings with a matching bracelet and a black chain-handle purse.  Voila!  The outfit is complete!  What do you think?  Write in the comments below what you wear on those "regular" days.  Do you dress up to the nines or do you just wear a simple tee and jeans like me?  I wanna know!  Anyway, that's all for now, fashionistas! As always, I am sending you lots of love from my heart to yours!

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T-Shirt: Shein (Similar Here)
Jeans: White House Black Market (Similar Here)
Red Heels: Valentino (Similar Here)
Purse: Chelsea28 (Similar Here)
Earrings: B.P. (Similar Here)
Bracelet: Cookies Clothing (Similar Here)



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